Dead Animal Removal

Odor in your home?

Flies gathering near your windows?

You may have a dead animal in your home. This is a very common problem in the East Texas area. Rats, mice, and other animals may enter your home and not make it out. Our team commonly finds dead animals in the following areas of homes:

  • Attics
  • Crawl spaces
  • Walls
  • Chimneys

Do you think you have a dead animal in your home? Call the professionals today. We are experienced in full service dead animal removal. We will find and remove the carcass and sanitize and deodorize the contaminated area.

Contact Wildlife X Team today for dead animal removal help.

Have mice or rat problems? Mice and rats are known to travel through walls, attic insulation, and more. If a rodent gets stuck you have a terrible mess to take care of. Call Wildlife X Team® of East Texas for professional dead animal removal.

Opossum lurking? Opossums have extremely short life spans. These creatures are known to reside in your crawl space. Noticing a terrible odor? You may have a dead opossum! Call today and get rid of the mess and stink.